DentalPoint is a friendly, welcoming place for kids – with a Kid Zone full of books, toys and colouring pages – designed to pave the way for a lifetime of healthy smiles.
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What kinds of dental services do we offer for children?

Our knowledgeable team is fully equipped to offer a complete range of dentistry services to meet the needs of a child’s growing mouth, including:

Custom made sports guards
Space maintainers, for early orthodontic intervention
Dental sealants, to protect your child’s baby teeth from cavities
Thumb sucking/habit-breaking appliances to help your child overcome behaviours that could be potentially dangerous to their overall oral health.
Dental cleaning, all types of filling, pulpotomy, pulpectomy, extractions and crowns

A child’s first dental visit is an important milestone in their lives –and in their oral health. We will do all that we can to ensure your child is completely at ease throughout their visit.

Most pediatric dental appointments are completely pain and anxiety free. But sometimes your dentist may need a little help making your child  feel completely comfortable especially during restorative appointments like getting a filling. Sometimes Local anaesthesia isn’t  enough to make your loved one feel completely comfortable .Our DentalPoint introducing Nitrous Oxide sedation. Nitrous oxide is used safely and effectively everyday for patients of all ages and it is especially effective with toddlers and young children.

if your child needs a bit of time to feel comfortable, our staff is happy to spend it. Before the appointment starts, we will show them around our office, give them a ‘ride’ in the dental chair, and give them an up-close look at how some of our ‘cool’ equipment works.

Each time your child visits the dentist, the easier it will be if they had a positive, enjoyable experience the first time.

Visit our dental clinic to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.