Remember your smile may be the brightest part of someone’s day. An examination by a dentist plays a key role in maintaining good oral health. Health and dental organizations began to set standards for regular dental exams and cleanings as a method of preventing issues from ever occurring. The suggested frequency of regular checkups and cleanings is twice a year. This works well for most people, but for some fewer works well. Others need more visits to ensure good oral health.
Who needs more frequent dental checkups?

For the average person two visits a year work well. .People who are in the high-risk category may need to see the dentist at least twice a year and, in some cases, even more. Those in the high-risk group might need to see the dentist every three or four months to prevent or treat dental problems. The high-risk group might include:

People who already have gum disease
People with weak immune systems
People who have a lot of plaque buildup or cavities
People who smoke
Women who are pregnant
People with chronic conditions, specifically diabetics

It’s also important to note that over a person’s lifetime, their need for preventive dental exams may change. They may need to be more frequent when a person experiences increased stress, or an illness. Regular exams and cleanings can help fight off infections or deal with changes that occur in the mouth.

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